EPS Quality Assurance Technician job in Jahra at Kuwait Polymer Co.

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Employer - Kuwait Polymer Co.
Job title - EPS Quality Assurance Technician
Job Description

Inspects infrastructures to ensure compliance with design plans, materials specifications, safety requirements, construction processes, local, state and federal codes and on-going maintenance requirements; documents/reports compliance or deficiencies.
Compiles and records notes, sketches, test results, inspection data and other information to document compliance and/or develop designs, specifications, and reports.
Conducts various studies to be used by others to analyze needs/develop plans, record characteristics and other related activities.
Conducts data analysis to determine accuracy of data collected, develop recommendations, develop corrective designs and/or ensure compliance.
Tests/evaluates the quality of materials or designs to verify adherence to contracts and specifications.
Calculates/measures area and volume dimensions, horizontal and vertical geometry, profile and component specifications, and material testing dimensions using calculators or computers.
Must be in Kuwait and proficient in English language
Job Type: Full-time
Quality Assurance: 3 years (Required)
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Job Location Jahra
Date Posted 14 Sep 2020
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